African Fintech Scaling Globally

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Follow along as Recent times have seen top African fintech companies venturing beyond the continent into the Middle East, Brazil, the United States, and other regions. Beyond profit-driven goals, these spates of expansion seem to also be motivated by the companies’ longing to reinforce their identities as serial innovators and pacesetters. Therefore, we invited some of the companies championing the extension of African innovation to the global scene to explain the rationale beyond their expansion and the resultant benefits for Africa. Panelists: Omosalewa “O” Adeyemi – Global Head of Partnerships & Expansion, Flutterwave, Falgu Shah – Head of BizOps & Expansion, Paystack, & Hossam Abou Moussa – Apis. Moderator: Dina El Shenoufy – Chief Investment Officer, Flat6Labs.
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