African Fintech Summit, DC. 2022: The Foremost Fintech Event in Africa is set for April 21st

The Africa Fintech Summit is returning for its 7th edition in Washington, D.C., on April 21, 2022, at the Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Centre. 

Since its inception in 2018, The Africa Fintech Summit has gathered innovators, regulators, investors, global industry leaders, and stakeholders to foster ecosystem-building conversations, knowledge sharing, and collaboration opportunities for the growth of Africa’s fintech ecosystem. 

Voted the most engaging event of the World Bank Spring Series, the Africa Fintech Summit has featured over 100 high-impact plenary, closed-door, and networking sessions and has hosted over 4000 in-person and virtual attendees and more than 200 panelists.

In 2021, with Egypt attracting mammoth fintech investments and having recorded its first unicorn in Fawry the previous year, it made sense to choose Cairo as the destination for the sixth edition of the Africa Fintech Summit. The hybrid event saw over 1500 virtual participants from 31 countries and 391 in-person attendees representing over $2.5 billion in private equity and venture capital. 

Attendees at AFTS Cairo represented over 200 African and global institutions such as Google, IBM, Amazon, Flutterwave, Fawry, Paystack, to mention a few. The 15 insight-driven sessions featured high-value speakers, from government officials to multinational executives, grassroots accelerators to global investors, and more. Here’s a playlist of the most insightful moments from the Cairo Edition.

So far, all six editions have produced impressive results, including over $40 million in capital raise efforts for African startups, facilitating strategic business partnerships, market entry for multinational corporations looking to enter the regional fintech market, the collaboration of African financial regulators, and more. Validated by these outcomes and backed by African and global fintech stakeholders, the Africa Fintech Summit is back in Washington D.C, on April 21st, 2022, for the third time and seventh edition.

The theme for this year’s summit is “The Africanization of Global Fintech.” This will cover; the legitimization of African fintech as a global asset class, the expansion of African fintech beyond the continent, and the “Africanization” of the sector through an increased focus on homegrown tech talent and locally-sourced funding. 

With over 60 Trend-Defining Speakers and 400+ Attendees from 40+ Countries projected to be in attendance, AFTSDC2022 promises to be the perfect stage for these conversations. Amongst those expected to speak at the event are; Mike Ogbalu, CEO, Pan-African Payment and Settlement System (PAPPS), Djiba Diallo, Senior Fintech Advisor, Ecobank, Tosin Eniolorunda, CEO TeamApt, Ray Youssef, CEO and Co-Founder, Paxful, Odunayo Eweniyi, Co-Founder & COO, Piggyvest, Ham Serunjogi, CEO, Chipper Cash, Zach Bijesse, Co-Founder & CEO, Payhippo, Chris Maurice, CEO, Yellow Card, Chike Ukaegbu, Head of Crypto Strategy in Emerging Markets at Visa, and more.

As usual, AFTS has lined up a slew of value-laden sessions attendees can look forward to, including:

  • 12 Live Discussion Panels and Roundtables exploring Africa’s Technological Inflection Point, Diaspora Banking and Remittance, VC Trends across Africa, Digital Banking, Web 3, Cryptocurrency, Fintech Regulatory Best Practices, and more.
  • Catered Networking Lunch
  • Startup Exhibition
  • 2022 AFTS Awards and more

Speaking about a previous AFTS meeting, Olu Oyinsan, VP of Investments, Ingressive Capital, said, “I haven’t been to a more impactful event geared towards facilitating stakeholder conversations, investments, and policy frameworks around the fintech space in Africa in a long time. I was able to take away fresh perspective, actionable insights, and new business relationships from the summit. I would highly recommend the AFTS to anyone in this space.” The organizers of this latest event will certainly hope it has similar effects on attendees.

Join other innovators, startups, corporations, tech companies, investors, and regulators as they share knowledge and zoom in on the trends and opportunities informing the direction of fintech in Africa. The hybrid format of this year’s edition ensures that attendees can participate in person or online.  Seats are fast selling out, get your in-person/virtual tickets at the event’s website.

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