Africa Fintech Rising

Africa Fintech Rising is a podcast from the Africa Fintech Summit. Each week we talk with the innovators and disruptors who are revolutionizing money in Africa.

SEP 15, 2021

2021 Episode 2 Andy Jury Mukuru

This week, Andrew Barden, the Director of Insights at Dedalus Global and Lead Organizer of the Africa Fintech Summit, sits down with Andy Jury, the CEO of the Mukuru Group, to discuss everything from Mukuru’s successes in addressing financial inclusion to the company’s plans for pan-African mastery.

AUG 9, 2021

2021 Episode #01: Update on Africa Fintech Summit in Cairo, Egypt on November 16-17, 2021

Leland Rice, Founder & CEO of Dedalus Global, and Zekarias Amsalu, Founder & CEO of Ibex Frontier, discuss the details behind this year’s Africa Fintech Summit in Cairo, Egypt on November 16-17, 2021. This conversation dives into what attendees can expect at the conference, why the AFTS Advisory…

JUL 18, 2019

Zekarias Amsalu, Founder & Managing Director, IBEX Frontier

Today on the pod we announce the host city for the November 2019 Africa Fintech Summit (AFTS). Hint: it’s the capital of Africa’s fastest growing economy and second largest country. We chat with the 2019 AFTS Co-Organizer Zekarias Amsalu—who runs IBEX Frontier, an investment consultancy…

MAY 29, 2019

Francesco Pasti, Senior Manager, Inclusive Fintech, GSMA

Mobile money now accounts for more than 866 million registered users and $1.3 billion transacted every day, according to GSMA’s 2018 “State of the Industry Report on Mobile Money,” the definitive look at this rapidly growing industry that is transforming financial inclusion in Africa and globally.

FEB 28, 2019

Saqib Nazir, Managing Director for Africa at Emergent Technology

Saqib Nazir is the Managing Director for Africa of Emergent Technology, the CEO of Interpay Africa, and a veteran fintech entrepreneur in Ghana. When Ghana-based Interpay merged with California-based Emergent Technology this past December, Saqib became the tip of the spear for an “Africa…

FEB 21, 2019

Olugbenga Abgoola, Co-Founder & CEO of Flutterwave

This week Flutterwave was named number two on Fast Company’s list of the 10 most innovative companies in Africa for 2019. And with good reason. When Olugbenga (aka GB) co-founded the company in 2016, he set out to build a digital payments infrastructure for Africa. Less than three…

JAN 16, 2019

José V. Fernández, President of Atlas Money & Access Network

Atlas Money is a peer-to-peer community banking platform with over 600 agents in Ghana and Senegal and growing. Access Network is a decentralized system that gives the people control of their own token economy. Hear from José Fernández–President of Atlas and Access, blockchain for…

OCT 30, 2018

Iyinoluwa “E” Aboyeji, serial entrepreneur

Perhaps more than anyone, Iyin Aboyeji has put Africa fintech on the map. At the age of 23 he co-founded Andela, which gained attention when it received $24 million in funding from Mark Zuckerberg, and more recently co-founded Flutterwave, an API that has transformed the way…

OCT 24, 2018

Shola Akinlade, Co-Founder & CEO, Paystack

Paystack, which specializes in providing merchants with online payment options, recently joined the pantheon of Nigeria’s top fintech fundraisers with their $8 million Series A led by Stripe, Visa and Tencent. On the heels of that announcement, Leland sat with Paystack CEO and Co-Founder Shola…

AUG 10, 2018

Risk, Return, Impact

This week, Leland talks with Moe Odele (Impact Investing & Social Enterprise Lead at Stratigos), Amee Parbhoo (Director of Investments at Accion Venture Labs), and Rob Tashima (Director of Innovations at Village Capital) about seeking financial as well as social returns, the role of venture…

MAR 29, 2018

Payments: New Frontiers

Welcome to Africa Fintech Rising, a podcast from the Africa Fintech Summit. This week Leland talks with two of Africa’s leading fintech entrepreneurs: Tayo Oviosu, CEO & Founder of Paga (Nigeria) and Vahid Monadjem, CEO of Nomanini (South Africa).

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