#AFTS2020 Goes Virtual

For immediate release: 5th Africa Fintech Summit to be held virtually

WASHINGTON, D.C: The fifth Africa Fintech Summit (AFTS) will be hosted virtually this year  through the Accelevents platform on November 9, 10, and 12.. The Summit   takes place at the backdrop of the global COVID-19 pandemic that has brought  unprecedented need for digital trade & finance and positioned fintech as key to economic  recovery.  

This year’s event will host over 1,000 attendees and 60+ speakers calling in from 10 different time zones across 6 continents. 

In addition to three days of insightful content, throughout the event, attendees have the opportunity to meet with a wide range of stakeholders – investors, startups, established fintechs, banks, and regulators – through curated networking sessions, exhibitor/sponsor booths, and lively discussion forums. Attendees can also visit the startup exhibition to view and vote on the best startup demo as part of the Summit’s virtual “Demo Day.”  

Each day’s content has been organized by themes that the Summit’s organizers uncovered while interviewing the sector’s stakeholders for the soon-to-be-released Africa Fintech: State of the Industry 2020, a 63-page report dedicated to the brightest minds and innovations driving the secotr’s growth. With a focus on the geniuses behind the  innovations leading the industry, panelists include: Co-Founder & CEO of Flutterwave,  Olugbenga Agboola; Founder & CEO of PAGA, Tayo Oviosu; Founder & CEO of Moneta Technologies (Amole),  Yemiru Chanyalew; Ecobank’s Senior Fintech Advisor, Djiba Diallo; Co-Founder & CEO of  TymeGlobal, Coenraad Jonker; Founder and General Partner of Future Africa, Iyin Aboyeji; Co-Founder and President of Ovamba, Viola Llewellyn; and, Chipper Cash Co-Founder & CEO,  Ham Serunjogi.  

The opening day of the Summit will focus on the major regional fintech ecosystems across  the continent, with separate sessions dedicated to West, East, North, Central, and  Southern Africa.  

Day two will focus on fintech-enabled business models, analyzing how fintech is providing  a backbone for innovation in sectors such as e-commerce & trade, healthcare, and  agriculture. There will also be a dedicated session to pay-as-you-go (PayG) business  models that have seen a significant increase in popularity due to their ability to facilitate  access to crucial but often inaccessible services. 

On day three of the event, fintech investors,  decentralized finance experts & thought leaders from the most successful companies have  been invited to discuss best practices for common innovator challenges including market expansion, raising capital, applicability of blockchain, targeting the last mile, and vetting  prospective fintech partners. This day will also feature partner-led workshops targeting Africa’s fintech innovators such as an impact validation and investor data room workshop led by Mercy Corps Ventures, the impact investment arm of Mercy Corps. 

The Summit concludes with the regional semi-final and pitch competition for Startup  World Cup, the winner of which will go on to compete on a Silicon Valley stage for US  $1M.  By registering for the event, up to three banking innovators can secure a $5,000 digital transformation assessment from FinConecta, a  leading global open banking technology provider, free of charge. 

Strategic partners for the event include the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Global  Partnerships, Pegasus Tech Ventures’ Startup World Cup, Mercy Corps Ventures,  FinConecta, and APO Media.  

Africa Fintech Summit (AFTS) is the premiere global initiative dedicated to the African  fintech ecosystem. AFTS is traditionally hosted in Washington, D.C. each April during the  Spring Meetings of the World Bank Group and in a different African city each November (most  recently, Lagos and Addis Ababa). This year’s two summits have been merged into one larger three-day virtual event.  This year’s AFTS is organized in partnership between Washington, D.C., strategic advisory group Dedalus Global and Ethiopian-focused advisory firm Ibex Frontier.  

#AFTS2020 tickets are for sale online today! General admission tickets are on sale for  $125 and premium tickets with AI networking capabilities are selling for $225.To learn  more and register, visit our website at https://africafintechsummit.com/v2/.  

Media Contact

Andrew W. Barden  

Analyst, Dedalus Global  

Communications Lead, Africa Fintech Summit  



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