Fintech Regulatory Best Practices

Posted in DC 2022

While there are differing opinions on whether regulation should follow Innovation or innovation should be regulated from the onset at the macro level, it’s becoming increasingly clear that fintech have to maintain the highest local and global standards. This #AFTSDC2022 brings together legal practitioners and other regulatory framework experts to discuss how fintech can adopt international standard practices to guide their internal operations and collaborate with local stakeholders to create a conducive regulatory landscape where they operate.

Panelists: Aderonke Alex-Adedipe – Partner, Pavestones; Margo H.K. Tank – US Co-Chair, Financial Services Sector and Co-Chair, Financial Regulation and Technology, DLA Piper, and Jacqueline Musiitwa, Professor, Georgetown University

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Banking Reimagined

Posted in DC 2022

There is a momentum of collaborative competitiveness between incumbent banks and emerging ‘neo-banks’ and new sub-sectors of fintech-as-a-bank and digital wallets are revolutionizing the banking landscape. This conversation invites some of the most exciting innovators in Africa’s neobanking, infrastructure and digitization space to discuss the recent trends and lessons that they have learned along the way.

Panelists: Mukwandi Chibesakunda – CEO, Zanaco; Yves Eonnet – Chairman and Co-founder, Skaleet; Michael Spencer – CEO, SmartMoney; Odunayo Eweniyi – Co-founder and COO, PiggyVest, and Dr. Tomisin Fashina – Group Executive, Operations and Technology, Ecobank.

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Intersection of Trade and Fintech

Posted in DC 2022

The African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) implementation in January 2021 paves way for African countries to trade between themselves and within the continent creating an unparalleled market opportunity for cross border traders and the financial institutions powering those transactions. And in 2022, the commercial launch of the Pan-African Payment & Settlement Systems ( PAPSS ) made it possible to trade across currencies and borders seamlessly with continent-wide seamless settlement infrastructure. In this session, regulators, lending, logistics, and e-commerce executives discussed the symbiotic relationship between policies facilitating intra-African trade and cross-border payment and settlement infrastructure.

Panelists: Tesh Mbaabu – Co-founder and CEO, MarketForce; Zach Bijesse – Co-founder and CEO, Payhippo; Hio Sola-Usidame, Co-founder and CEO, Oneport 365; Akinyinka David Akintunde – CEO, Afex Nigeria, and Bosco Sebabi, Deputy CEO, Pan-African Payment and Settlement System.

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Investing in African Fintech

Posted in DC 2022

African fintechs secured 62% of the $4.2B raised by companies on the continent in 2021. Further exploration of the investment landscape reveals other fascinating trajectories including the normalization of mega deals ($100M and more), significant increase of seed & pre-seed investment both in quantum and value, and investment by home grown funds skyrocketing. In this session, panelists explore these trends, investment opportunities in Africa, and more.

Panelists: Barbara Iyayi – Founder and CEO, Unicorn Growth Capital; Rob Eloff – Managing Partner, Lateral Frontiers VC; Nichole Yembra – Founder and Managing Director, Chrysalis Capital, and Eunice Ajim – Founding Partner, Ajim Capital.

Moderator: Dario Giuliani, Director, Briter Bridges.

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Diaspora Banking and Remittance

Posted in DC 2022

With the large African Diaspora living abroad now actively investing in and transacting with the continent, effective technology to harness the social and economic impact of remittances as well as EKYC and digital compliance is required. This panel examines how fintech players are reducing remittance cost and empowering multi-currency banking services for the African Diaspora, the trends, opportunities and challenges.

Panelists: Hugues Efole – Head of Strategic Partnerships and Corridor Development, Moneygram; Omosalewa “O” Adeyemi – Global Head of Partnerships and Expansion, Flutterwave; Olufemi Olaogun – Senior Growth Manager, Leatherback, and Gabrielle Patrick – CEO and General Counsel, Knabu.

Moderator: Thomas Debass – Chief Partnerships Officer and Managing Director, Office of Global Partnerships, U.S. Department of State.

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Digital Payment for a Cashless Economy

Posted in Cairo 2021

In an ambitious move to set the plans critical to promoting free trade in Africa, stakeholders on the continent launched the African Continental Free Trade Agreement in 2021. While it promises unprecedented economic benefits, it requires specific infrastructure to flourish, such as faster, cheaper, and seamless cross-border payment solutions, which some fintechs on the continent are building. In this AFTS session, solution providers discuss the strides they are making in the payments sector and how this can foster the goal of a financially connected Africa.

Panelists: Sahar Salama – CEO & Founder, TPAY, Ahmed Wadi – CEO & Founder, MoneyFellows, and Mohamed Assem – Country Manager, Mastercard Egypt. Moderator: Viola Llewellyn – Co-founder and President, Ovamba.

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The Future of Banking in 2021

Posted in Cairo 2021

African innovators in the financial sector continue to spot gaping gaps that they can fill with technology-backed financial solutions and more fintech sub-sectors including neobanking continue to emerge as a result. We brought together some of the leading innovators in the neobanking space to share their experiences in building products that help Africans perform common banking operations more conveniently and faster.

Panelists: Tosin Eniolorunda – CEO, TeamApt, Mounir Nakhla – Co-founder & CEO, MNT Halan, Oliver O’Brien – Group Executive Head of Strategy & Business Development, Mukuru Group, and Jacques Marco – Founder & CEO, Axis Pay. Moderator: Karima El Hakim – Ecosystem & Venture Builder, Fawry.

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Fintech and Sustainability Panel

Posted in Cairo 2021

The increasingly critical conversations on global sustainability are sacrosanct to our planet’s survival and saddle every sphere of society with the responsibility to protect the planet. With this in mind, fintech stakeholders at AFTS Cairo explored the best ways to deploy technology-backed financial solutions to ensure a largescale impact on improving lives and no adverse effects on the environment.

Panelists: Aaron Fu – Head of Growth, Catalyst Fund, Ruben Walker – Founder & CEO, African Clean Energy, and Ahmed Ashour – Founder & CEO, Pylon. Moderator: Leland Rice – Co-founder & CEO, Dedalus Global & AFTS.

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Banks & Fintechs: Collaboration/Competition

Posted in Cairo 2021

While striving for the same goal of promoting financial inclusion, fintech and traditional banks can either compete or collaborate, but there’s no consensus on which option is the best for everyone involved, and in fact, there could be a third: “collaborative competition.” In this panel session, banks, regulators, startups, and other stakeholders in Africa’s fintech space explored the types of relationships that currently exist between fintech and banks in Africa, their preferred strategies for navigating the ecosystem, and “collaborative competition” as a plausible strategy going forward.

Panelists: Hany Al Sonbaty – Managing Partner, Sawari Ventures, Djiba Diallo – Senior Fintech Advisor, Ecobank, Ashraf Sabry – Founder & CEO, Fawry, and Mohamed El Sabban – Chief Innovation & Strategic Development Officer, Misr Capital.

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Embedded Finance

Posted in Cairo 2021

The integration of financial tools in non-financial products keeps expanding to frontier industries, and the reasons aren’t far-fetched. With embedded finance, consumers can access financial solutions where and when they need them, thereby removing the significant friction of dealing with multiple solution providers. Moreover, adopting embedded finance for traditionally non-financial service providers can translate to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Panelists at AFTS Cairo explored the potential of embedded finance and its nascent manifestations, such as InsurTech and HealthTech.

Panelists: Thea Sokolowski – Head of Marketing & Communications, Stitch, Wairimu Njoki – Country Manager, Kenya MicroEnsure, Jide Adamolekun – Autocheck Africa, Ayman Essawy – Co-founder & GM, Lucky App, Hossem Ali – Founder & CEO, Fatura, Mohamed Khattab – Chief Transformation Officer, B.TECH, and Eslam Darwish – Fintech Partner, Global Ventures.

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