Banks & Fintechs: Collaboration/Competition

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Follow along as While striving for the same goal of promoting financial inclusion, fintech and traditional banks can either compete or collaborate, but there’s no consensus on which option is the best for everyone involved, and in fact, there could be a third: “collaborative competition.” In this panel session, banks, regulators, startups, and other stakeholders in Africa’s fintech space explored the types of relationships that currently exist between fintech and banks in Africa, their preferred strategies for navigating the ecosystem, and “collaborative competition” as a plausible strategy going forward.
Panelists: Hany Al Sonbaty – Managing Partner, Sawari Ventures, Djiba Diallo – Senior Fintech Advisor, Ecobank, Ashraf Sabry – Founder & CEO, Fawry, and Mohamed El Sabban – Chief Innovation & Strategic Development Officer, Misr Capital.
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