Digital Payment for a Cashless Economy

Posted in Cairo 2021

In an ambitious move to set the plans critical to promoting free trade in Africa, stakeholders on the continent launched the African Continental Free Trade Agreement in 2021. While it promises unprecedented economic benefits, it requires specific infrastructure to flourish, such as faster, cheaper, and seamless cross-border payment solutions, which some fintechs on the continent are building. In this AFTS session, solution providers discuss the strides they are making in the payments sector and how this can foster the goal of a financially connected Africa.

Panelists: Sahar Salama – CEO & Founder, TPAY, Ahmed Wadi – CEO & Founder, MoneyFellows, and Mohamed Assem – Country Manager, Mastercard Egypt. Moderator: Viola Llewellyn – Co-founder and President, Ovamba.

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The Future of Banking in 2021

Posted in Cairo 2021

African innovators in the financial sector continue to spot gaping gaps that they can fill with technology-backed financial solutions and more fintech sub-sectors including neobanking continue to emerge as a result. We brought together some of the leading innovators in the neobanking space to share their experiences in building products that help Africans perform common banking operations more conveniently and faster.

Panelists: Tosin Eniolorunda – CEO, TeamApt, Mounir Nakhla – Co-founder & CEO, MNT Halan, Oliver O’Brien – Group Executive Head of Strategy & Business Development, Mukuru Group, and Jacques Marco – Founder & CEO, Axis Pay. Moderator: Karima El Hakim – Ecosystem & Venture Builder, Fawry.

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Fintech and Sustainability Panel

Posted in Cairo 2021

The increasingly critical conversations on global sustainability are sacrosanct to our planet’s survival and saddle every sphere of society with the responsibility to protect the planet. With this in mind, fintech stakeholders at AFTS Cairo explored the best ways to deploy technology-backed financial solutions to ensure a largescale impact on improving lives and no adverse effects on the environment.

Panelists: Aaron Fu – Head of Growth, Catalyst Fund, Ruben Walker – Founder & CEO, African Clean Energy, and Ahmed Ashour – Founder & CEO, Pylon. Moderator: Leland Rice – Co-founder & CEO, Dedalus Global & AFTS.

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Banks & Fintechs: Collaboration/Competition

Posted in Cairo 2021

While striving for the same goal of promoting financial inclusion, fintech and traditional banks can either compete or collaborate, but there’s no consensus on which option is the best for everyone involved, and in fact, there could be a third: “collaborative competition.” In this panel session, banks, regulators, startups, and other stakeholders in Africa’s fintech space explored the types of relationships that currently exist between fintech and banks in Africa, their preferred strategies for navigating the ecosystem, and “collaborative competition” as a plausible strategy going forward.

Panelists: Hany Al Sonbaty – Managing Partner, Sawari Ventures, Djiba Diallo – Senior Fintech Advisor, Ecobank, Ashraf Sabry – Founder & CEO, Fawry, and Mohamed El Sabban – Chief Innovation & Strategic Development Officer, Misr Capital.

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Embedded Finance

Posted in Cairo 2021

The integration of financial tools in non-financial products keeps expanding to frontier industries, and the reasons aren’t far-fetched. With embedded finance, consumers can access financial solutions where and when they need them, thereby removing the significant friction of dealing with multiple solution providers. Moreover, adopting embedded finance for traditionally non-financial service providers can translate to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Panelists at AFTS Cairo explored the potential of embedded finance and its nascent manifestations, such as InsurTech and HealthTech.

Panelists: Thea Sokolowski – Head of Marketing & Communications, Stitch, Wairimu Njoki – Country Manager, Kenya MicroEnsure, Jide Adamolekun – Autocheck Africa, Ayman Essawy – Co-founder & GM, Lucky App, Hossem Ali – Founder & CEO, Fatura, Mohamed Khattab – Chief Transformation Officer, B.TECH, and Eslam Darwish – Fintech Partner, Global Ventures.

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Investing Beyond Venture Capital Panel

Posted in Cairo 2021

More startups are understandably eyeing funding opportunities beyond venture capital, such as investment from multi-laterals, sovereign wealth funds, DFIs, crowdfunding, and debt financing. This appetite for diversification calls for a well-informed approach to effectively and safely leveraging different funding channels while offering reasonable tradeoffs. Experts on the Investing Beyond VC panel at AFTS Cairo explored this and more.

Panelists: Saad Sheikh – Partner TLG Capital, Emad Fouad – Managing Director, CVentures, Dr. Eleni Gabre-Madhin – Chief Innovation Officer, UNDP Regional Bureau for Africa, & Ashraf El Khatib – Chief Investment Officer, Private Equity, Ekuity Holding. Moderator: Aubrey Hruby – Senior Africa Fellow & Co-founder, The Atlantic Council & Insider.

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Ecosystems Architects

Posted in Cairo 2021

The explosive growth of the African fintech space has brought with it brilliantly ideated products, a deluge of investment, and the adoption of innovative strategies that have helped produce multiple African fintech unicorns. There are obviously exceptional minds contributing to the growth of Africa’s high-flying fintech players and we had some of them share their thoughts on what it takes to build thriving fintech companies on the continent.

Panelists: Ayman Ismail – Founding Director, AUC Venture Lab, Zach Bijesse – CEO, Payhippo, Marie Therese Fam – Managing Partner, Flat6Labs, and Arthur Chupeau – Head of Ventures – The Baobab Network. Moderator: Karima Elhakim – Ecosystem & Venture Builder, Fawry.

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The Future of Money Panel

Posted in Cairo 2021

Billed as the future of money, decentralized finance has met mixed reactions. On the one hand, governments around the globe have oscillated between full-scale and partial adoption and total proscription of Defi solutions in their regions. On the other hand, private players continue to build DeFi products that drive financial inclusion and prosperity. In this session, DeFi and blockchain experts and regulators assess the potential of decentralized finance in Africa and what it would take for its adoption to become mainstream.

Panelists: Chris Maurice – CEO & Co-founder, Yellow Card Financial, Ronit Ghose – Global Head of Banking, Fintech & Digital Assets, Citi Global Insights, Zekarias Amsalu – Co-founder & MD, AFTS & Ibex Frontier, and Jonathan Johannesen – Founder & CEO, Flash.

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The Egyptian Regulatory Environment

Posted in Cairo 2021

With fintech regulation still considerably uncharted territory, regulators across Africa continue to carefully build and rethink their approach to dictating how fintech operate and how their solutions are adopted within their countries. Discover experts’ assessment of the Egyptian regulatory environment and their opinions on how regulators can balance fostering fintech innovation and maintaining a stable financial system.

Panelists: Ahmed Monir – Head of Regulatory Sandbox, Central Bank of Egypt, Moustafa Moharram – Senior Partner, Moharram & Partners, & Tarek Ibrahim – Principal IT Consultant, Financial Regulatory Authority. Moderator: James French.

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African Fintech Scaling Globally

Posted in Cairo 2021

Recent times have seen top African fintech companies venturing beyond the continent into the Middle East, Brazil, the United States, and other regions. Beyond profit-driven goals, these spates of expansion seem to also be motivated by the companies’ longing to reinforce their identities as serial innovators and pacesetters. Therefore, we invited some of the companies championing the extension of African innovation to the global scene to explain the rationale beyond their expansion and the resultant benefits for Africa.

Panelists: Omosalewa “O” Adeyemi – Global Head of Partnerships & Expansion, Flutterwave, Falgu Shah – Head of BizOps & Expansion, Paystack, & Hossam Abou Moussa – Apis. Moderator: Dina El Shenoufy – Chief Investment Officer, Flat6Labs.

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