The Confluence of Fintech, Web3, and the Metaverse

Posted in DC 2022

Where is Africa in the age of Web3 and the Metaverse and how is the fintech ecosystem playing its role? This fireside chat is a discussion between subject matter experts providing one of a kind insight into the confluence of fintech, Web3, and the Metaverse.

Panelists: Chike Ukaegbu – Head of Crypto for Emerging Markets, Visa, and Ronit Ghose – Future of Finance Thought Leader, Citi Global Insights

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The Africanization of Global Fintech

Posted in DC 2022

Recent months have seen trends including, the legitimization of African fintech as a global asset class, the expansion of African fintech beyond the shores of the continent, and the ‘Africanization’ of the sector itself through an increased focus on homegrown tech talent and locally available funding mechanisms. This headline panel brings together Africa’s leading fintech founders and leaders to the table to discuss how the industry is contributing to ‘the Africanization of Global Fintech.’

Panelists: Omosalewa “O” Adeyemi – Global Head of Partnerships and Expansion, Flutterwave, Akshay Grover – Group CEO, Cellulant, Emeka Ibe – Vice President, TeamApt

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Investing in Web3 and the Metaverse Ecosystem

Posted in DC 2022

As web3 startups start to change the landscape of the creator economy, the investing world is adapting accordingly and investments are flowing to the sector. What are the reasons behind VCs pouring capital into Web3 & the Metaverse ecosystem and doing so in Africa? This panel brings out insights from ecosystem builders and investors in the space.

Panelists: Gabby Cazeau – Principal, Harlem Capital, and Jason Eisen – Founder and CEO, UTU

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Embedded Everything

Posted in DC 2022

Financial services are, once again, being reimagined, this time to meet end-users at the point of need as the scope of “fintech” has greatly expanded beyond simply mobile money and digital payments. The #AFTSDC2022 “Embedded Everything” panel session had subject matter experts explore the mechanics and merits of embedding financial services within traditionally non-financial products or services from Africa’s point of view.

Panelists: Harry Croydon – CEO, Micro Insurance Company, Fehintolu Olaogun – CEO, Credpal, and Milkah Wachiuri – Chief Growth Officer, Cellulant.

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Fintech Driving ESG Initiatives Across Africa

Posted in DC 2022

From the ‘net zero banking alliance’ for zero carbon footprint by 2050 to climate finance to green bond initiatives, ESG has taken a central place in the financial sector. How can fintech device future-proof ESG-fostering operations and investors quantify & measure ESG in the African context for purposeful investment? This panel brings Impact and ESG experts and investors to explore global and continental experiences.

Panelists: Kennedy Ekezie-Joseph – Co-founder and CEO, Kippa; Kunle Apampa – Director, Capricorn Investment Group; Aaron Fu, Head of Growth, Catalyst Fund, and Orla Enright, Group Executive Officer, The Green Exchange.

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Fintech Regulatory Best Practices

Posted in DC 2022

While there are differing opinions on whether regulation should follow Innovation or innovation should be regulated from the onset at the macro level, it’s becoming increasingly clear that fintech have to maintain the highest local and global standards. This #AFTSDC2022 brings together legal practitioners and other regulatory framework experts to discuss how fintech can adopt international standard practices to guide their internal operations and collaborate with local stakeholders to create a conducive regulatory landscape where they operate.

Panelists: Aderonke Alex-Adedipe – Partner, Pavestones; Margo H.K. Tank – US Co-Chair, Financial Services Sector and Co-Chair, Financial Regulation and Technology, DLA Piper, and Jacqueline Musiitwa, Professor, Georgetown University

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Banking Reimagined

Posted in DC 2022

There is a momentum of collaborative competitiveness between incumbent banks and emerging ‘neo-banks’ and new sub-sectors of fintech-as-a-bank and digital wallets are revolutionizing the banking landscape. This conversation invites some of the most exciting innovators in Africa’s neobanking, infrastructure and digitization space to discuss the recent trends and lessons that they have learned along the way.

Panelists: Mukwandi Chibesakunda – CEO, Zanaco; Yves Eonnet – Chairman and Co-founder, Skaleet; Michael Spencer – CEO, SmartMoney; Odunayo Eweniyi – Co-founder and COO, PiggyVest, and Dr. Tomisin Fashina – Group Executive, Operations and Technology, Ecobank.

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Intersection of Trade and Fintech

Posted in DC 2022

The African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) implementation in January 2021 paves way for African countries to trade between themselves and within the continent creating an unparalleled market opportunity for cross border traders and the financial institutions powering those transactions. And in 2022, the commercial launch of the Pan-African Payment & Settlement Systems ( PAPSS ) made it possible to trade across currencies and borders seamlessly with continent-wide seamless settlement infrastructure. In this session, regulators, lending, logistics, and e-commerce executives discussed the symbiotic relationship between policies facilitating intra-African trade and cross-border payment and settlement infrastructure.

Panelists: Tesh Mbaabu – Co-founder and CEO, MarketForce; Zach Bijesse – Co-founder and CEO, Payhippo; Hio Sola-Usidame, Co-founder and CEO, Oneport 365; Akinyinka David Akintunde – CEO, Afex Nigeria, and Bosco Sebabi, Deputy CEO, Pan-African Payment and Settlement System.

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Investing in African Fintech

Posted in DC 2022

African fintechs secured 62% of the $4.2B raised by companies on the continent in 2021. Further exploration of the investment landscape reveals other fascinating trajectories including the normalization of mega deals ($100M and more), significant increase of seed & pre-seed investment both in quantum and value, and investment by home grown funds skyrocketing. In this session, panelists explore these trends, investment opportunities in Africa, and more.

Panelists: Barbara Iyayi – Founder and CEO, Unicorn Growth Capital; Rob Eloff – Managing Partner, Lateral Frontiers VC; Nichole Yembra – Founder and Managing Director, Chrysalis Capital, and Eunice Ajim – Founding Partner, Ajim Capital.

Moderator: Dario Giuliani, Director, Briter Bridges.

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Diaspora Banking and Remittance

Posted in DC 2022

With the large African Diaspora living abroad now actively investing in and transacting with the continent, effective technology to harness the social and economic impact of remittances as well as EKYC and digital compliance is required. This panel examines how fintech players are reducing remittance cost and empowering multi-currency banking services for the African Diaspora, the trends, opportunities and challenges.

Panelists: Hugues Efole – Head of Strategic Partnerships and Corridor Development, Moneygram; Omosalewa “O” Adeyemi – Global Head of Partnerships and Expansion, Flutterwave; Olufemi Olaogun – Senior Growth Manager, Leatherback, and Gabrielle Patrick – CEO and General Counsel, Knabu.

Moderator: Thomas Debass – Chief Partnerships Officer and Managing Director, Office of Global Partnerships, U.S. Department of State.

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