COVID-19 & Event Updates for 2020 and 2021

On March 11th, the World Health Organization’s announced the classification of coronavirus (COVID-19) as a global pandemic. Out of an abundance of caution and due to limited travel among global fintech stakeholders at this time,  we are postponing this year?s D.C. summit (originally planned for April 17) until October 16-17, 2020, to coincide with the Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group.

Moving forward, our D.C. summits will now always take place during the World Bank?s Annual Meetings each fall and our Africa-based summits will take place every March/April.

Additionally, we are happy to announce the following timeline of AFTS activities and events: 

  • April 16, 2020: Alpha Expo Virtual Bootcamp (apply here
    • Hosts include: IBM, Founder?s Factory Africa, Queen City Fintech, and Village Capital
  • April 17, 2020:  Release of the first AFTS Africa Fintech Report
  • September 24, 2020: AFTS Policy Roundtable
    • Location: New York City, New York, USA
    • Coinciding event: UN General Assembly
  • October 16-17, 2020: 5th Africa Fintech Summit 
    • Location: Washington, D.C., USA 
    • Coinciding event: Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group 
  • November 2020: AFTS ? MENA Roundtable Event 
    • Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • Coinciding event: World Expo 2020
  • March 22-23, 2021: 6th Africa Fintech Summit 
    • Location: Cairo, Egypt
  • October 14, 2021: 7th Africa Fintech Summit
    • Location: Marrakech, Morocco 
    • Coinciding event: Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group 

If you are interested in partnering for any of the above events please contact

For additional information, contact

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