Diaspora Banking and Remittance

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Follow along as With the large African Diaspora living abroad now actively investing in and transacting with the continent, effective technology to harness the social and economic impact of remittances as well as EKYC and digital compliance is required. This panel examines how fintech players are reducing remittance cost and empowering multi-currency banking services for the African Diaspora, the trends, opportunities and challenges.
Panelists: Hugues Efole – Head of Strategic Partnerships and Corridor Development, Moneygram; Omosalewa “O” Adeyemi – Global Head of Partnerships and Expansion, Flutterwave; Olufemi Olaogun – Senior Growth Manager, Leatherback, and Gabrielle Patrick – CEO and General Counsel, Knabu.
Moderator: Thomas Debass – Chief Partnerships Officer and Managing Director, Office of Global Partnerships, U.S. Department of State.
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