Embedded Finance

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Follow along as The integration of financial tools in non-financial products keeps expanding to frontier industries, and the reasons aren’t far-fetched. With embedded finance, consumers can access financial solutions where and when they need them, thereby removing the significant friction of dealing with multiple solution providers. Moreover, adopting embedded finance for traditionally non-financial service providers can translate to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Panelists at AFTS Cairo explored the potential of embedded finance and its nascent manifestations, such as InsurTech and HealthTech.
Panelists: Thea Sokolowski – Head of Marketing & Communications, Stitch, Wairimu Njoki – Country Manager, Kenya MicroEnsure, Jide Adamolekun – Autocheck Africa, Ayman Essawy – Co-founder & GM, Lucky App, Hossem Ali – Founder & CEO, Fatura, Mohamed Khattab – Chief Transformation Officer, B.TECH, and Eslam Darwish – Fintech Partner, Global Ventures.
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