Why Nairobi?

Nairobi, the Capital City of the Silicon Savannah, also known as the “Green City Under the Sun,” is Africa’s leading technology ecosystem having witnessed particular success in building and scaling fintech. Mobile money was invented in Nairobi with the birth of M-Pesa. Kenyan banks are some of the largest and most competitive on the entire African continent. We could go on forever explaining ‘Why Nairobi’…

How do I attend AFTSNairobi?

You can register as a delegate for AFTSNairobi on our website. Early-bird prices are available now through July 31, 2024. Upon registering, you will receive a confirmation email which will include a pdf copy of your invoice and additional information about the summit. Approximately 4 weeks prior to AFTSNairobi, you will gain access to the Africa Fintech Summit event app where you can begin organizing meetings, planning your day, meeting other delegates, etc.

Which companies are Sponsors and Partners of AFTSNairobi?

AFTS is the largest and longest-running, fintech-specific conference in Africa. Over the years, the Africa’s once-nascent fintech industry has blossomed into a community of over 1,000 startups, hundreds of investors and accelerator/incubators, and many other key stakeholders. We are proud to have Sponsors and Partners from across the globe to further support our vision to be a catalyst by “enabling investments, informing smarter regulations, and fostering greater collaboration.”

What is the agenda for AFTSNairobi?

AFTSNairobi will explore all the trends, nuances, and issues impacting Africa’s financial technology industry, with insights and conversations coming from the innovators, regulators, investors, and enablers themselves. The theme for AFTSNairobi is ‘Fintech in Every Industry,’ focusing on the endless ways fintech can be applied in all areas of business and industry to make our world more transparent, trustworthy, and reliable.

Does AFTS sell my personal data?

No, the AFTS has not, does not, and will not sell your personal data or contact information to partners, sponsors, governments, or any other 3rd party entities. It is important to our team that your data and contact information is safe. If you come in contact with individuals claiming to sell AFTS Delegate information, they are frauds – kindly block and report their email address.

Who should I speak to if my company is interested in Sponsoring/Exhibiting at AFTSNairobi?

If you are interested in sponsoring, you can reach out to our team on the Contact Us page or reach out directly to and our team will be sure to reply to your inquiry and guide you through the entire process.

What is the AlphaExpo at AFTSNairobi?

The New Venture Competition is an annual pitching event organized at each April AFTS summit. The competition enables 5 early-stage fintechs the opportunity to pitch their company at the conclusion of the day on April 14th, prior to the Post-Summit Happy Hour. The selected startups are hand-selected by the AFTS Advisory Board and undergo a general due diligence process, ensuring that delegates have the opportunity to hear from some of the rising stars within the industry.

Does AFTS issue Invitation Letters for delegates still needing to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization to Kenya?

Yes, delegates can request an Invitation Letter to accompany their online application for a Electronic Travel Authorization. The process for obtaining an ETA is linked here. The AFTS does not guarantee that you will receive an ETA in time to attend the summit – in the case that you do not receive a visa, please see our Refund Policy highlighted below.

Does AFTS have a Refund Policy?

Yes, the AFTS has a policy for delegate refunds in the case that a delegate is no longer able to attend. Delegates who request a refund via their Confirmation Email by August 26, 2024, are entitled to a 100% refund. Delegates who request a refund via Confirmation Email after August 26, 2024 are not entitled to a refund.

Have any additional questions? Contact us and a member of our team will get back to you soon.

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