H.E. Dr. -Ing. Getahun Mekuria to be a keynote speaker for AFTS Addis

We are excited to announce H.E. Dr. -Ing. Getahun Mekuria as a keynote speaker!

H.E. Dr. -Ing. Getahun Mekuria, Ethiopia’s Minister of Innovation and Technology, is spearheading digital transformation and innovative initiatives that will transform Africa?s second-most populous nation. Because of his efforts, he has recently been named as one of the world’s 100 Most Influential People in Digital Government in 2019, honoring his exceptional leadership in the space.

In November 2018, Dr. Mekuria adopted a ?2,2,2,2 Strategy? with the goal of establishing 2,000 tech SMEs, creating 20,000 tech jobs, and generating $2 billion in tech GDP over the course of  2 years. Other equally impressive and impactful initiatives include livestock transformation projects, deployment of drones in mining exploration, the incubation of tech startups, a cashless economy, e-government and digital ID drives. Dr. Getahun is also closely working with the National Bank and  other stakeholders to develop an electronic transaction and e-commerce proclamation that will allow fintechs to flourish in Ethiopia?s financial system.

Dr. Getahun is passionate about the power of tech and e-commerce and has successfully lobbied for and signed a deal with the Universal Postal Union, effectively laying the foundation for Ethiopia to become the e-commerce hub for East Africa. Along with the electronic transaction proclamation and deployment of connectivity infrastructure, the hub will revolutionize Africa?s e-commerce ecosystem.

Beyond Ethiopia, Dr. Getahun is passionate about Africa?s potential and has successfully managed to bring the prestigious World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-21), which will take place for the first time on African soil when it comes to Ethiopia in 2021. 

On welcoming AFTS delegates to Ethiopia, Dr. Getahun said, ?I am thrilled that this great event is coming to Addis Ababa. There is no better time than November 2019 for this Summit to come to Addis, to show to our policymakers the great economic impacts fintechs are bringing to other economies and to prove that our current sweeping digital reforms are absolutely correct.?

We are very excited to have His Excellency Dr. Getahun as our keynote speaker and look forward to hearing more about his and MiNT?s digital transformation activities, their roadmap for Ethiopia, and the seismic effect this will have on the African fintech ecosystem!

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