Intersection of Trade and Fintech

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Follow along as The African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) implementation in January 2021 paves way for African countries to trade between themselves and within the continent creating an unparalleled market opportunity for cross border traders and the financial institutions powering those transactions. And in 2022, the commercial launch of the Pan-African Payment & Settlement Systems ( PAPSS ) made it possible to trade across currencies and borders seamlessly with continent-wide seamless settlement infrastructure. In this session, regulators, lending, logistics, and e-commerce executives discussed the symbiotic relationship between policies facilitating intra-African trade and cross-border payment and settlement infrastructure.
Panelists: Tesh Mbaabu – Co-founder and CEO, MarketForce; Zach Bijesse – Co-founder and CEO, Payhippo; Hio Sola-Usidame, Co-founder and CEO, Oneport 365; Akinyinka David Akintunde – CEO, Afex Nigeria, and Bosco Sebabi, Deputy CEO, Pan-African Payment and Settlement System.
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