Investing Beyond Venture Capital Panel

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Follow along as More startups are understandably eyeing funding opportunities beyond venture capital, such as investment from multi-laterals, sovereign wealth funds, DFIs, crowdfunding, and debt financing. This appetite for diversification calls for a well-informed approach to effectively and safely leveraging different funding channels while offering reasonable tradeoffs. Experts on the Investing Beyond VC panel at AFTS Cairo explored this and more.
Panelists: Saad Sheikh – Partner TLG Capital, Emad Fouad – Managing Director, CVentures, Dr. Eleni Gabre-Madhin – Chief Innovation Officer, UNDP Regional Bureau for Africa, & Ashraf El Khatib – Chief Investment Officer, Private Equity, Ekuity Holding. Moderator: Aubrey Hruby – Senior Africa Fellow & Co-founder, The Atlantic Council & Insider.
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