Investing in African Fintech

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Follow along as African fintechs secured 62% of the $4.2B raised by companies on the continent in 2021. Further exploration of the investment landscape reveals other fascinating trajectories including the normalization of mega deals ($100M and more), significant increase of seed & pre-seed investment both in quantum and value, and investment by home grown funds skyrocketing. In this session, panelists explore these trends, investment opportunities in Africa, and more.
Panelists: Barbara Iyayi – Founder and CEO, Unicorn Growth Capital; Rob Eloff – Managing Partner, Lateral Frontiers VC; Nichole Yembra – Founder and Managing Director, Chrysalis Capital, and Eunice Ajim – Founding Partner, Ajim Capital. Moderator: Dario Giuliani, Director, Briter Bridges.
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