The Africa Fintech Summit was founded in 2017 with the mission of bringing the issues, trends, and changemakers impacting Africa’s financial technology ecosystem together. AFTS is the largest bi-annual gathering of financial technology stakeholders on the African continent: welcoming over 4,000 stakeholders from across over 100 countries since our first summit in early 2018.

Mission Statement

“The Africa Fintech Summit (AFTS) is a global forum where fintech stakeholders gather to form partnerships, mobilize investments, showcase innovations, collectively address and solve industry challenges, identify trends, and shape policies toward the vision of a thriving African fintech ecosystem built on the spirit of collaboration.”

Vision Statement

“We believe that the continent is uniquely positioned to be a leader in fintech, that this space provides unprecedented business opportunities, and that African fintech can transform individual lives and national economies through financial inclusion and sustainable economic growth. Our vision is to be a catalyst for this potential by enabling investments, informing smarter regulations, and fostering greater collaboration across diverse sectors and geographies.”

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