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November 9, 10, 12, 2020

AFTSVirtual2020 had the pleasure of hosting Jack Dorsey (Founder & CEO, Block (prev. Square)) to discuss what the future of cryptocurrency and financial technology will look like across the African Continent. Additionally, Dorsey sponsored over 250 African university students to participate in and attend the summit.

Ghana’s Nvoicia wins the 3rd AlphaExpo Pitch Competition (in partnership with Startup World Cup) hosted on November 12th to formally conclude AFTSVirtual2020.

A wide array of fireside chats and workshops featured thought leaders from leading stakeholders including Y Combinator, MFS Africa, Dalberg Group, and the US Department of State Office of Global Partnerships.

Highlighted #AFTSVirtual2020 Speakers

Jack Dorsey
(Co-Founder & CEO, Block)
Hon. Cina Lawson (Togolese Minister of Digital Economy & Transformation)
Michael Seibel (Managing Director, Y Combinator)
Moe Odele
(Tech & Startup Lawyer, Vazi Legal)
Basil Moftah
(General Partner, Nclude)
Barbara Iyayi
(CEO & Founding Partner, Unicorn Growth Capital)
Coenraad Jonker
(Co-Founder & CEO, TymeBank)
Admassu Tadesse
(MD & Chairman, Trade & Development Bank)
Maelis Carraro (Managing Director, Catalyst Fund)
Late Yemiru Chanyalew
(CEO, Moneta Technologies)
Amee Parbhoo (Managing Partner, Accion Venture Lab)
Yele Bademosi
(CEO & Founding Partner, Microtraction)

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